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Let's Act Like Fragments

Sometimes I see my paintings and drawings as the consequence of being an only child and my practice as the continuation, by other means, of afternoons spent playing alone in my bedroom. That some of my works are based on toy models might be no coincidence.

Through the years, I have also worked with photography, including Polaroid, and sculpture. Today I am only interested in painting and its, as I like to put it, conceptual counterpart, drawing. Whereas painting is more atmospheric, sometimes dirty, and can incorporate some disturbing elements (erasures, blurring), drawings are cleaner, more detailed, often accompanied by captions and shown as installation.

Most of the source material for my paintings comes from newspaper and magazine cuttings, pictures taken from books, pictures I’ve taken and drawings of mine. I photocopy these several times, diminishing their definition, then figure out their places on the blank surface of the canvas.

For smaller size work, I generally paint isolated figures. As for the bigger ones, the composition looks almost collage-like. I play with scale, creating unsettling scenes, moving among religious imagery, scraps of romantic landscape, toys, dolls, everyday objects, as if painting my way through the death of the work itself.

These works are available. If you are interested click here:

Let's Act Like Fragments (Darwinism), 2021. Oil on canvas, 80x80 cm.

The Surface, 2020. Oil on canvas, 30x30 cm.

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